About Top Tier Admissions

Top Tier Admissions offers a comprehensive approach to the daunting college admissions process, providing a service that stands out in the crowded field of college counseling. With a focus on personalized strategies and a rigorous program designed to prepare students for success, Top Tier Admissions is notable for its acclaimed Application Boot Camp®, an intensive workshop that arms students with the tools they need to enhance their applications in a condensed timeframe.

The company's team, including Dr. Michele Hernandez and Mimi Doe, works closely with a limited number of students, ensuring personalized attention and tailored advice. This approach seems to pay off, as evidenced by the numerous testimonials from parents and students who credit Top Tier Admissions with helping them navigate the admissions landscape effectively. The feedback highlights the company's ability to alleviate stress and provide valuable guidance on essay writing, a critical component of college applications.

Top Tier Admissions also offers a range of resources, including a College Calculator and various statistical tools, to help students understand their chances and make informed decisions. Their blog and additional content offer up-to-date information on college admissions trends, providing a helpful context for students and parents.

However, it's important to consider the cost and investment of time when choosing a college counseling service. While Top Tier Admissions has many success stories, prospective clients should weigh the price of services against their individual needs and budget. Additionally, the intensity of programs like the Application Boot Camp® may not be the right fit for every student, and some may prefer a less rigorous approach.

One of the distinguishing factors for Top Tier Admissions is its ethical stance and transparent guidance, which is particularly reassuring in an industry where the pressure to achieve can sometimes lead to less scrupulous practices. Their commitment to ethical education and making the admissions process more transparent is commendable and likely contributes to the company's strong reputation.

In conclusion, Top Tier Admissions offers a robust, research-driven approach to college counseling, with a track record of success and a wealth of resources that can help students stand out in their college applications. While their services are an investment, the personalized attention and ethical guidance provided by their experienced team can make a significant difference in the competitive world of college admissions.

Products and Services

Top Tier Admissions offers a comprehensive suite of college counseling services, including specialized programs and tailored tutoring, to help students craft standout applications and strategically navigate the complex admissions landscape of elite universities.

College Admissions Counseling

Guidance through the college application process for students in grades 8-12, including strategic planning, essay writing, and application review.

Application Boot Camp®

An intensive program designed to help students create competitive applications within a condensed timeframe, including essay writing workshops and application strategy sessions.

Personal Boot Camp

One-on-one, personalized college application guidance from experienced counselors, focusing on essay development and application strategy.

Academic Tutoring

Customized tutoring services for various standardized tests like the ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT, as well as academic subjects and writing guidance.


  • Over 20 years of experience guiding students globally with unmatched success

  • Internationally acclaimed 4-day Application Boot Camp® with consistent sell-outs

  • Offers a range of tutoring to suit different needs, including comprehensive packages

  • Proven track record with the Class of 2024 achieving impressive acceptance results


  • The robustness of programs like the Application Boot Camp® may come at a higher price point

Getting Started

At Top Tier Admissions, after signing up, you'll work with experts who offer college admissions counseling, test prep, and Application Boot Camps to craft standout applications. They have specialized programs for different educational stages, including middle school and graduate admissions advising. To get started with Top Tier Admissions, contact them through their website for a free consultation. If this service isn't what you're looking for, you may find a better fit among the other top-ranked services in our list.