About Solomon Admissions Consulting

Solomon Admissions Consulting has established itself as a heavyweight in the competitive arena of US College Counseling Services, positioning itself as a go-to firm for high-stakes admissions guidance. With a team comprising over 150 consultants and a staggering 600+ combined years of experience in college admissions offices, Solomon's depth of expertise is undeniable. Their counselors, who have reviewed over 700,000 college applications, are not just former admissions officers; they are strategic advisors in the truest sense.

Clients can expect a tailored approach from Solomon, where every aspect of their application is meticulously crafted to align with the unique preferences and requirements of each college. Solomon takes pride in its strategic positioning consulting, which focuses on accentuating an applicant's unique strengths rather than presenting a generic, well-rounded profile. This personalized strategy is not just about standing out but about resonating with what each college seeks in its students.

Solomon's services range from undergraduate and graduate school admissions counseling to more specialized offerings such as BS/MD program advising. They are particularly noted for their success rates, which have been independently verified by a Vault 50 accounting firm, lending credibility to their claim of effectiveness. Their approach to college essays and personal statements is especially noteworthy, as they encourage students to weave compelling narratives that showcase their individual journeys and intellectual vitality.

While Solomon's services are comprehensive, they are also known for their One-on-One consulting packages, which ensure that each student receives undivided attention and customized guidance. This bespoke service is a cornerstone of their success, allowing for deep dives into students' profiles and the development of robust, targeted applications.

However, it's not just about crafting stellar applications. Solomon also emphasizes the importance of extracurricular activities and summer plans, guiding students towards experiences that will not only enhance their applications but also their personal growth. They also provide mock interviews and insider information on college preferences, which can be invaluable for students looking to gain an edge.

In a space crowded with college counseling services, Solomon Admissions Consulting differentiates itself through its results-driven approach, the sheer volume of its team's experience, and the personalized care it provides to each client. Their ability to turn the stressful college admissions process into a structured and strategic campaign is a testament to their proficiency in the field. While their services may come at a premium, the investment reflects in the high acceptance rates and the satisfaction of the families they serve.

It's also worth noting that the company maintains a strong ethical stance, adhering to the National Association for College Admission Counseling's guidelines. This commitment to integrity is crucial in an industry where trust is paramount.

In summary, Solomon Admissions Consulting stands out for its experienced team, strategic approach, and proven success rates. While the process of selecting a college consultant is deeply personal and contingent on individual needs and goals, Solomon's track record and methodical approach to admissions counseling make them a noteworthy contender for any family navigating the competitive waters of college admissions.

Products and Services

Solomon Admissions Consulting offers personalized, strategic college admissions guidance with a focus on crafting compelling applications, leveraging the expertise of former admissions officers for students aiming for undergraduate, medical, and combined BS/MD programs as well as transfer applicants.

College Admissions Consulting

Personalized assistance in the college application process including crafting strategic positioning narratives and personal statements.

Undergraduate Admissions Packages

Comprehensive admission packages tailored for high school students applying to undergraduate programs, including Ivy League and top-tier schools.

Medical School Admission Packages

Specialized consulting for applicants to medical programs, leveraging former Med School Admission Officers' expertise.

Combined BS/MD Medical Program Advising

Targeted guidance for high school students applying to combined Bachelor's and Medical Degree programs, highlighting unique applicant strengths.


  • Largest firm in the country with over 150 consultants and success rates independently verified by an accounting firm

  • 4.7 times more likely to be accepted into the top 20 US colleges

  • Recognized as a Tier 1 firm by Entrepreneur Magazine, demonstrating industry leadership

  • Offers a comprehensive Solomon Research Program to boost admission chances


  • The large scale of operations might make highly personalized service challenging

Getting Started

Signing up with Solomon Admissions Consulting grants you access to a team of over 150 consultants who will assist you with strategic positioning and personal statement development for college applications. They offer a variety of packages for different educational levels. To get started with Solomon, reach out to them online for a consultation. If Solomon Admissions Consulting doesn't seem like the right choice, consider other highly ranked options available in our list.