About Collegewise

Collegewise emerges as a seasoned player in the competitive field of US College Counseling Services, offering a refreshing take on the admissions journey. With over two decades of experience under its belt, this company has carved out a niche for itself with a comprehensive approach that aims to demystify the college admissions process for students and their families.

At its core, Collegewise appears to understand the nuanced landscape of higher education admissions, providing tailored strategies for a diverse clientele. Their services, which include 1:1 counseling, SAT/ACT tutoring, and a variety of resources such as webinars, blogs, and on-demand content, are designed to cater to the unique narratives and academic goals of each student. This personalized touch is a hallmark of their philosophy and a potential differentiator from other firms in the industry.

One of the notable features of Collegewise is the depth of resources it offers. The company's commitment to education extends beyond mere counseling, as evidenced by the wealth of free resources available on their website. This includes educational webinars, in-depth guides, and a blog that provides the latest admissions news and tips. For families seeking to navigate the admissions process independently, these resources could be invaluable.

Another significant aspect of Collegewise's offerings is the caliber of its counselors. The company boasts a team of seasoned professionals, including former admissions officers from prestigious institutions and experts with extensive experience in the field. This expertise, combined with their claimed success rate of helping students get accepted into their top three schools, suggests a level of service that is both knowledgeable and effective.

However, it's important for potential clients to approach these claims with a critical eye, as success rates can be influenced by a variety of factors, and individual experiences may vary. While testimonials and success stories paint a positive picture, it's worth noting that each student's journey is unique, and outcomes cannot be guaranteed.

In terms of customer service, Collegewise has garnered positive reviews for its responsive and empathetic approach. The company prides itself on reducing the stress associated with college admissions, which could be a significant relief for families during this high-pressure time. The personal stories shared by past clients reflect a service that is not only results-oriented but also deeply invested in the personal growth and well-being of its students.

While Collegewise does not explicitly mention its ranking among other college counseling services, the information provided suggests a reputable standing in the industry. The company's tenure and claimed results speak to a level of trust and effectiveness that prospective clients might find reassuring.

In conclusion, Collegewise presents itself as a strong option for those seeking comprehensive guidance in the college admissions process. With a wealth of resources, experienced counselors, and a personalized approach, it stands out as a potential ally for students aiming to reach their higher education goals. As with any service, prospective clients should conduct their own due diligence and consider their specific needs and budget when deciding whether Collegewise is the right fit for their college counseling journey.

Products and Services

Collegewise provides comprehensive and personalized college admissions counseling, including one-on-one guidance, test preparation, academic support, and informative workshops to help students navigate the complexities of the college application process and achieve success in gaining admission to their top-choice schools.

1:1 Counseling

Personalized guidance through the college application process with a trusted expert to help students gain acceptance to their best-fit college.

Tutoring and Test Prep

Targeted AP, SAT, and ACT tutoring from academic experts to improve students' scores and academic performance.

Academic Support

Comprehensive help with academic planning, course selection, and improving study skills for college readiness.

College Admissions Workshops

Free sessions on college admissions to help students and families understand the application process and stay informed on the latest admissions news.


  • Over 23 years of admissions experience with a track record of over 150 successful student admissions

  • 92% of students accepted to their top 3 schools, indicating effective counseling

  • High recommendation rates with nine out of ten families suggesting their services

  • Offers a wide range of resources including webinars, a resource library, and a blog


  • Services may be spread too thin across various offerings, potentially diluting personalized attention

Getting Started

After signing up with Collegewise, you will receive one-on-one college admissions counseling from experienced advisors who will guide you through the college application process. They offer academic tutoring, test prep, and a library of resources. To start your admissions journey with Collegewise, talk to an advisor through their website. If Collegewise doesn't meet your requirements, you can look through the rest of our rankings to find a suitable service.