About IvyWise

IvyWise is a distinguished player in the realm of US College Counseling Services, boasting an impressive legacy of over 375 combined years of experience within its team, which is comprised of former admissions officers and educational experts. Their approach to college counseling is notably holistic, offering a range of services from initial consultations to test prep and tutoring, catering to a variety of academic needs.

One of the standout features of IvyWise is their dedication to providing a personalized experience. Each student receives individualized attention, which is essential given that college admission is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. This personalization extends to their strategic counseling, where IvyWise excels in helping students curate compelling narratives that highlight their unique traits and potential contributions to prospective schools. This approach is particularly beneficial in today's highly competitive admissions landscape where distinguishing oneself is paramount.

IvyWise also prides itself on providing resources beyond just the application. They guide students in building strong profiles through advising on extracurricular activities and summer programs, helping students enhance their resumes in meaningful ways. Their test prep services are also worth noting - they provide tailored support in this critical aspect of the admissions process, aiming to optimize students' performance.

The company's transparency is another plus; they openly share success stories and testimonials, which not only serve as a confidence booster for prospective clients but also underscore the company's effectiveness. Their IvyWise KnowledgeBase is an additional resource that offers up-to-date information and free resources for college admissions, reflecting their commitment to educating students and families about the process.

In terms of potential drawbacks, while IvyWise does not explicitly mention their ranking, it's clear that they are positioned as a premium service. This positioning might place their services out of reach for some families, a consideration worth noting for those budgeting for college counseling services.

In a space crowded with firms promising the key to prestigious college admissions, IvyWise distinguishes itself through a comprehensive, personalized approach backed by a wealth of experience. Their focus on crafting narratives and building strong student profiles is particularly noteworthy, as is their array of supportive resources. While their premium positioning may be a consideration for some, the level of expertise and depth of services offered by IvyWise could well be deemed a worthwhile investment for families navigating the complex terrain of college admissions.

Products and Services

IvyWise offers a comprehensive suite of educational consulting services, including personalized college admissions counseling, tailored test preparation, early guidance for younger students, and specialized support for graduate program applications, all designed to enhance students' academic profiles and maximize their chances of admission to their desired institutions.

College Admissions Counseling

Personalized guidance throughout the college admissions process, including strategic planning, essay writing, and application review.

Test Prep & Tutoring

Customized test preparation and academic tutoring services to enhance students' profiles and standardized test scores.

Early College Guidance

Advisory services for younger students to start early on their path to college readiness, focusing on academic and extracurricular planning.

Graduate Admissions

Expert assistance in crafting applications for graduate programs, including academic advising and test prep.


  • Over 375 years of combined admissions experience with a global reach

  • Students are four times more likely to gain admission to top colleges

  • Team includes former admissions officers from top independent and private schools

  • 91% of IvyWise students are admitted into one or more of their top three choice schools


  • The vast experience may be reflected in premium pricing

Getting Started

Once you've signed up with IvyWise, you'll be paired with a team of counselors and tutors who will provide you with a personalized and strategic plan for college admissions. They offer initial consultations, tutoring, and college admissions committee reviews. To take the first step with IvyWise, reach out for more information or schedule a consultation on their website. If IvyWise isn't the right fit, you can always investigate other services in our comprehensive rankings.