About Quad Education

Quad Education stands as a guiding light in the complex landscape of US college admissions, offering a beacon of hope for students and families striving to navigate the daunting journey to their dream schools. With a commendable 96% success rate and a promise of a seven-fold increase in admission chances, Quad Education presents itself as a formidable ally in the competitive arena of college applications.

Their approach is personalized and strategic, emphasizing the crafting of compelling narratives and the showcasing of unique student profiles. This tailored methodology is not only designed to enhance a student's application but also to resonate with the specific values and expectations of top-tier institutions. The company's team of counselors, boasting experience as former admissions officers, bring a wealth of insider knowledge to the table. They offer insights into the admissions process that could be pivotal in transforming an application from standard to standout.

One of the key strengths of Quad Education lies in its comprehensive service offerings. Catering to a broad spectrum of needs, from college profile development to BS/MD program counseling, they provide a one-stop-shop experience for college admissions consulting. This versatility is further enhanced by their free tools, such as college essays databases and selection quizzes, which demystify the process and empower students to make informed decisions.

The company's commitment to success is underscored by the records of acceptance rates and the substantial scholarship awards its clients have secured. Testimonials from past applicants and parents illustrate a narrative of transformation and triumph, attributing their success to the strategic guidance and unwavering support of Quad Education's consultants.

However, excellence comes at a price, and potential clients should be prepared for the investment required to access Quad Education's services. While the costs are not explicitly mentioned, the high success rates and prestigious admissions outcomes imply a level of investment that may not be accessible to all. Prospective clients should weigh the potential benefits against the financial commitment.

In an industry teeming with options, Quad Education differentiates itself with a results-driven approach, a robust team of seasoned professionals, and a suite of resources that provide genuine value to its clients. While it may not be the sole path to college admission success, Quad Education's track record suggests it is a path paved with strategic insight and the potential for remarkable outcomes.

In conclusion, for families seeking a partner in the college admissions process, Quad Education offers a compelling proposition. Their strategic approach, expert team, and impressive success rates position them as a top contender in the US College Counseling Services space. As with any significant decision, it is essential for families to consider their unique circumstances, including budget and specific needs, before embarking on this partnership. But for those who choose to enlist their services, Quad Education promises a journey of strategic planning and personalized support aimed at turning college admissions dreams into reality.

Products and Services

Quad Education offers personalized college admissions consulting services for students across various stages, including profile development for middle and high school students, application counseling for high school seniors, specialized guidance for BS/MD program applicants, and tailored support for college transfer students.

College Profile Development

Guidance for students from Grade 6 to 11 to develop strong college profiles that stand out in the admissions process.

Application Counseling and Final Review

Comprehensive support for Grade 12 students in their college application process, including counseling and a final review of applications.

BS/MD Candidates Counseling

Specialized counseling for BS/MD applicants to assist with the unique aspects of applying to these highly competitive programs.

Transfer Student Counseling

Dedicated application counseling and final review services for students seeking to transfer to another college or university.


  • 96% acceptance rate with a success rate seven times higher than average

  • Over 15 years of experience in the education sector

  • Specialized support for various student needs including transfer and BSN applicants

  • Offers free consultation and profile evaluation to prospective clients


  • The high success rate might come with a premium price tag

Getting Started

Signing up with Quad Education means you'll be engaging with a team that provides detailed counseling services for each stage of your academic journey, from grades 6 through college transfers. They offer personalized college profile development and application counseling. To initiate your journey with Quad Education, schedule a free consultation through their website. If Quad Education doesn't align with your needs, you can review other highly ranked companies in our list.