About Ivy Coach

Ivy Coach, a distinguished presence in the US College Counseling Services industry, has carved out a unique niche for itself by focusing on the idiosyncrasies and distinctive traits of students. Their approach is not about crafting a common applicant but about celebrating the "weird" – the individual stories and peculiar qualities that set each student apart. This philosophy is a breath of fresh air in an admissions landscape often dominated by a push towards standardization.

A standout feature of Ivy Coach is their track record, particularly in the Early Decision and Early Action rounds, where they showcase impressive admission percentages to some of the most prestigious institutions in the United States. This speaks volumes about their effectiveness and the strategic approach they employ in guiding students through the admissions process. Their success rates, especially with Ivy League institutions, suggest a deep understanding of what these universities are looking for in candidates.

Their team of former Ivy League admissions officers brings an insider's perspective to the table, which can be invaluable for applicants navigating the competitive world of college admissions. Consultants like Jayson Weingarten, Justin Neiman, and Ben Schwartz not only add credibility but also provide students with insights that only those who have been on the other side of the admissions process can offer.

Ivy Coach's commitment to personalized service is evident in their one-on-one counseling sessions, where students receive tailored advice suited to their unique profiles. Their comprehensive approach covers everything from essay writing to interview preparation, ensuring that each element of the application aligns with the student's overarching narrative. This holistic approach is designed to help students not just gain admission but also thrive in their college environment and beyond.

Their blog, The Ivy Coach Daily, is a fountain of up-to-date information, offering tips, trends, and insights on the college admissions process. This resource is a testament to Ivy Coach's dedication to keeping both students and parents informed about the ever-changing dynamics of college admissions.

While the praise for Ivy Coach is well-deserved, it's also worth noting that the high caliber of service comes with a price tag that may be a consideration for some families. However, for those who choose to invest in Ivy Coach's services, the personalized attention and expertise could be a game-changer in the competitive realm of college admissions.

In summary, Ivy Coach stands out in the crowded field of college counseling services through its emphasis on individuality, its team of experienced former admissions officers, and its proven track record of success. Their approach to crafting personalized narratives that resonate with admissions committees is particularly compelling for students striving to distinguish themselves in a pool of highly qualified applicants.

Products and Services

Ivy Coach offers a comprehensive range of college admissions counseling services, including personalized guidance for undergraduate and graduate applications, standardized test preparation, and strategic advice for early decision and action submissions, aimed at helping students navigate the competitive admissions landscape and enhance their chances of acceptance into top-tier institutions.

College Admissions Counseling

Guidance through the college application process, including crafting compelling essays, submitting powerful letters of recommendation, and selecting the right universities to apply to.

Graduate School Admissions Counseling

Assistance with the graduate school application process, helping students earn admission to top graduate programs.

SAT/ACT and Standardized Test Prep

Preparation services for the SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests to enhance college application profiles.

Early Decision/Early Action Strategy

Strategic planning for Early Decision and Early Action applications to increase chances of admission to top-choice schools.


  • Offers personalized counseling services for various admissions phases

  • Provides a complimentary 20-minute consultation to introduce their services

  • Flexible college admissions packages ranging from 3 to 20 colleges

  • Proven track record with high overall acceptance rates ranging from 2.7% to 6.9%


  • Premium services may not be financially feasible for all applicants

Getting Started

With Ivy Coach, you'll receive individualized college counseling services after signing up. Their team of former Ivy League admissions officers offers strategic admissions counseling, essay writing assistance, and SAT/ACT prep. To start your journey with Ivy Coach, fill out their online consultation form. In case Ivy Coach doesn't match your needs, you can explore additional top-ranked companies in our rankings.