About Prepory

Prepory stands out in the crowded field of US College Counseling Services with its distinctive approach to guiding students through the labyrinthine college admissions process. Offering a comprehensive suite of services, Prepory positions itself as not only an admissions advisor but also a career coach, underscoring the long-term investment they make in each student's success.

At the core of Prepory's philosophy is a deep understanding of the individual narratives that each student brings to the table. Rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all strategy, Prepory's counselors aim to amplify the unique voices of their clients, crafting compelling stories that resonate with admissions committees. This bespoke approach resonates with students and families seeking a personalized path through the competitive admissions landscape.

Prepory's partnership with The Harvard Crimson and the visibility of their leadership in notable publications such as Forbes signal a commitment to excellence and thought leadership within the industry. This not only adds to their credibility but also suggests a level of insight and networking that can be advantageous for students navigating the admissions process.

A noteworthy aspect of Prepory's services is their career coaching for individuals, which extends beyond college admissions. This indicates their holistic approach to student development, setting them apart from competitors that may focus solely on the admissions aspect. By providing guidance on resume building and job search strategies, Prepory positions itself as a long-term partner in a student's academic and professional journey.

While Prepory's suite of services is robust, what truly distinguishes them in the college counseling space is their commitment to reducing stress for families and students. By offering clarity and a structured plan, they aim to transform the typically fraught process into one that is manageable and even enjoyable. Their focus on reducing anxiety is a compassionate touch that likely appeals to many in their target demographic.

The success rate of admissions and the testimonials featured on their website speak volumes about client satisfaction. The return rate of student siblings for Prepory's services is particularly telling, suggesting a level of trust and effectiveness that fosters long-term relationships.

In summary, for families and students seeking a guiding hand through the college admissions process and beyond, Prepory presents itself as a knowledgeable, empathetic, and results-oriented option. Their focus on individual narratives, career development, and stress reduction, paired with their credible partnerships, positions them as a notable choice in the college counseling landscape.

Products and Services

Prepory offers comprehensive college admissions and career counseling services, providing personalized strategic guidance, essay and resume support, interview preparation, and tailored coaching programs for students and professionals at various stages of their educational and career journeys to maximize their chances of success.

11th Grade College Admissions Counseling

Strategic guidance for high school juniors to enhance their admissions profile, focus on standardized testing, and craft a strong personal statement.

Career Counseling Services for Adults and Professionals

End-to-end career coaching program, Sprout, offering guidance for job search, resume and cover letter optimization, and interview skills development.

College Admissions Counseling for 9th Grade

Early college admissions planning for freshmen, including academic and extracurricular profile assessment, leadership opportunity exploration, and summer program applications.

Comprehensive College Admissions Guidance

Personalized college admissions counseling from initial consultation to application submission, tailored to maximize student success and college acceptance rates.


  • Exclusive partnership with The Harvard Crimson for college admissions counseling

  • Featured in Forbes 30 Under 30, showcasing industry recognition and trust

  • Comprehensive programs for high school students and career coaching for individuals

  • Global reach with families in over 39 countries using their services


  • Might be costly for some budgets due to the high-profile endorsements and features

Getting Started

After signing up with Prepory, you can expect to receive a personalized college admissions counseling experience that will guide you through the college admissions process, from exploring interests in 9th grade to finalizing applications in 12th grade. The company offers a comprehensive curriculum and individualized coaching, aiming to set you up for success. To get started, you can contact Prepory through their website or by calling their provided phone number. If Prepory doesn't seem like the right fit, feel free to explore the rest of our rankings for a service that meets your needs.